Welcome to Maxwell Associates!

when experience matters

At Maxwell Associates, we work with our clients in a collaborative style that enables us to understand their issues and concerns, their culture and their style, their mission, vision and goals.  We approach each engagement as though the business were our own and we focus on gaining a thorough understanding of your business.  More importantly, we work hard to earn your trust and gain your confidence. 

All Maxwell Associates have deep experience in DOD and have worked post government with a variety of firms to help them navigate the federal contracting landscape.  We are different from most consultants in that we are flexible yet versatile with depth in strategic planning, business development, information technology, security, energy, acquisition/contracting, supply chain management, program/project management and executive coaching.  

Individually, our associates are highly qualified experts with a wealth of experience.  They each offer deep expertise in their given area so we  can call in the expert you need when you need them to ensure you are getting the best advice on any given subject.  Together, we are Maxwell Associates, teaming to make you successful.  Let us help you achieve mission success!